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  • Ghost Luxury Cat Collar

    Ghost Luxury Cat Collar

    The Ghost Luxury Cat Collar is designed to perfection for the discerning feline. It is made out of embossed silver leather that is lined with luxurious suede in burgundy and matched with silver hardware. As with all of the company's branded collars, it has the Cheshire & Wain logo on the inside. Aside from being stylish, the collar is also safe to use. It incorporates a secondary breakaway clip that that ensures that your cat is able to escape unscathed if the collar is ever snagged on something.

    The standard size is 19-25 cm (about 7.4-9.8 inches) in length and can be ordered with or without a bell. If the sizing is a concern, the company accepts custom orders. There are also a number of other limited edition collars that may be found on the official Cheshire & Wain website including the Bernie in purple Italian vegetable tanned, saddle leather and the 'Beluga' collar in caviar-grain leather. The latter even comes packaged in a novelty tin which makes for a handsome gift.

  • Leather Cat Collar

    Leather Cat Collar

    For those who prefer a sleek, modern look for their feline friends, the Cheshire & Wain Grey Leather Cat Collar is the cat's meow. The stunning slate-grey shade on the outside is complemented by a natural colored lining on the inside and is accented by a brass buckle. Made in Italian vegetable tanned leather and stitched with grey thread to match, it is great for the pampered puss.

    With its discreet breakaway clip, a standard for all Cheshire & Wain collars, you can rest easy knowing that it is not only stunning but also safe to use. The website has a handy fitting guide to help out first-time buyers and it is possible to have it sent with a bell. The Grey Leather Cat Collar is a part of the company's 'Colour Pop' collection which also comes in Orange, Blue, Green Red and Pink. Order yours here.



    Although cat collars come in all shapes and sizes, there's nothing really like the 'Beluga' cat collar from the Cheshire & Wain company. Lined in eye-catching blue suede, the caviar-grain leather cat collar is truly a thing of beauty. It even keeps with the caviar theme as it comes with its own special tin.

    Aside from an optional bell attachment, an engraved ID tag can also be included with the order for an additional cost. As with other Cheshire & Wain cat collars, the 'Beluga' is not only classy but also safe as it incorporates a discreet safety release clip. The collar comes in two sizes: standard (19-25 cm) and petite (17-22 cm).



    Caviar lovers, rejoice! Cheshire & Wain has just the cat bowl for your feline family members. A joint project with Rachel Dormor Ceramics in Cambridge, the Caviar Cat bowl is a charming hand thrown porcelain bowl which features an illustrated caviar design. It is 3.5 c, deep and has a diameter of 15 cm. Because it is made of porcelain and not plastic, it is perfect for felines who suffer from contact dermatitis. It is dishwasher safe and makes a great gift for both cat lovers and caviar fans alike.



    Like their wild cousins, cats are nocturnal by nature. This means that although there are those that adjust to their family's routine, they are usually more active when you are asleep and are at rest during the day. If your cat is a night-time wanderer himself, then the Luna Luxury Cat Collar is just the thing to show off his personality.

    Lined using a rich burgundy suede, this luxury collar comes in navy leather and features a star-like speckled white pattern. It is a limited edition offering from Cheshire & Wain's Cat Collective Collection accented by silver hardware and comes in two sizes: standard and petite. Like other products by the company, the collar features a secondary breakaway clip to keep your cat safe in case it gets snagged.



    Since cats spend anywhere from sixteen to twenty hours dozing, they surely deserve all the comforts their pet parents can give them. When it comes to comfy spots to sleep on, a fluffy rug is at the top of the list. The Snow White Sheepskin Rug from Cheshire & Wain is the perfect cozy bed for sleepy felines. Naturally hypoallergenic, it is made at the original sheepskin tannery in England, is 60 x 90 cm in size and is 100% formaldehyde free.

    The fur is sheared so that the rug is kept compact and plush for your precious friend. It is the perfect spot for kitty to relax in during chilly days and is great for those times when he feels the urge to knead. And, if you wish, you can even share this luxurious rug and use it for your office or bedroom.

  • Maxi Tigga Cat Scratching Tower

    Maxi Tigga Cat Scratching Tower

    For indoor cats who have a fondness for heights, there's nothing quite like having an array vertical spaces to lounge on. If the idea of constructing walkways around the room sounds daunting to you, then the Maxi Tigga Cat Scratching Tower is heaven sent.

    This activity center is quite large, with two 0.5 m high sisal rope scratching posts and one double the height. Made just for sleepy felines, it has a hammock and a pair of wicker baskets with matching round pillow beds. To ensure that the tower withstands plenty of play times, it features either a 50x50cm granite base or a 50x60cm oak base. There are also several color options for the bedding and platform cover. The Maxi Tigga Cat Scratching Tower is easy to assemble and, with the trio of comfy napping spots, it is great for both single or multi-cat households.

  • Heli Pad Tigga

    Heli Pad Tigga

    When it comes to essentials, a scratching posts is a must-have for people who wish to keep their furniture in tip-top shape. If you happen to be the proud pet parent of a number of cats, then the Heli Pad Tigga may just be the thing to keep them healthy and happy. The climbing frame comes with a trio of scratching posts, each one at a different height to encourage climbing.

    Not only will the Heli Pad Tigga be popular with playful felines, it's also a great place for them to nap on. The tower includes pillow beds on top of a pair of round baskets, two clam shell baskets and open igloo basket -- all of which are cozy to nap on any time of the day. Aside from the color of the bedding, you may choose either a granite or oak base. As both the wicker and sisal rope used is all natural, it comes in a variety of beautiful shades.

  • Cat Whale Head Bed

    Cat Whale Head Bed

    For a touch of whimsy, the Cat Whale Head Bed is sure to be a hit. Just like its namesake, it comes with both fins and a tail for active kitties to play with. It is a tunnel bed, which makes it a stellar choice for cats who love to sleep under the covers. It is also great for shy felines as the cozy mouth can keep them from getting startled, helping them to slowly gain their confidence and venture out on their own.

    The Cat Whale Head Bed makes use of a rod system to keep the mouth open. It is available in pink and white and is conveniently machine washable.

  • Rec Double Doughnut Cat Bed

    Rec Double Doughnut Cat Bed

    If you're looking to give your favorite feline a luxurious bed to stretch out in, then the Rec Double Doughnut Cat Bed may just be the answer. Its high walls make it the perfect snuggle spot for a couple of cats as well as cats who love to hog the bed.

    Made out of a unique, non-looped fabric, the donut is not only luxurious, it is also machine washable. It is approximately 50x55 cm on the outside and is about 35x40 cm on the inside. It is available in four colors: White, Grey, Sandstone and Chocolate.