🐾Pedigree Cat Breeds

Not too keen on primping your pet often? In general, shorthaired cats are great for those who wish to spend more time playing that fussing. On the other hand, those who don't mind setting aside some time daily can enjoy the company of stunning, longhaired felines. If you're wondering which type of cat is the one for you, then read on to find out.



Due to the amount of upkeep they need, longhaired cats are the pride of any groomer and the challenge of every busy pet parent. These striking felines entail a commitment to a daily routine and the occasional trip to a professional. That said, not all longhaired coats are created equal. Some get matted easily while others never get tangled. In general, the silkier it is, the more maintenance it requires. Not only that, but age, weight and bone structure for flat-nosed cats are factors to consider when it comes to problem grooming spots.

While these may sound daunting, there's no denying that longhaired felines are a joy to have around when they're healthy. Just like any beloved furry family member, they have their individual personalities and thrive with lots of affection. While there are a wealth of mixed breed cats with lengthy locks, those looking for pedigree pets also have several options.

The Persian, for instance, needs to be groomed regularly but are darlings both at cat shows and in the average UK household. Known as a true blue lap cat, it comes in many different patterns and colors.

Another long-haired pedigree beauty, the Himalayan has the point coloring of a Siamese, complete with their trademark blue eyes. Not only are they beautiful, they are also make for quite the affectionate family members so long as their coat is kept knot-free.



Shorthaired cats are the best option for those who wish to spend less time with a brush in hand. From ticked to spotted, variety is the name of the game for these shiny-coated felines. Potential pet parents looking for a shorthaired cat of their own have quite a number to choose from such as the Siamese, Bombay, Exotic Shorthair, Egyptian Mau, Manx and more.

In contrast to the Persian's high-maintenance coat, the Russian Blue needs only an occasional bath and combing to keep their shedding at bay. As the name suggests, this breed sports a plush blue/grey-colored double coat. This is not their only special quality, however, as they also produce a smaller amount of Feld1 protein which makes them great for those with mild cat allergies. The Russian Blue may be a timid cat towards strangers but they are quite affectionate to human family members.

Another low maintenance breed, the Abyssinian hails from north east Africa. Known for its dense, ticked coat, these cats are medium sized with dainty paws. The native coloring of this breed is sandy brown with distinctive black tickings but it also comes in Tortoiseshell, Red or Cream. Abyssinians (fondly called Abys for short) are active cats that need will need their hunting instincts to be stimulated if kept indoors.

For those looking for a taste of the wild, the stunning Bengal resembles Asian wild cats. They have coarse coats in either white or golden red with black, leopard-like spots or marbling. They make for playful, loving companions and are among the most intelligent domestic felines.

Semi-Long haired

American Curl

For those who just can't decide between the more active shorthaired or gorgeous longhaired cat breeds, the semi-long haired may just be the perfect fit. As they are a usually a bit more agile than their longhaired cousins, they may be trickier to groom. Although there are many cats in the semi-long haired variety, examples include Birman, Ragdoll, Turkish Van and Somali.

Also included in the mix, American Curl is the perfect match for those who go gaga over delicate cat ears. They are known both for curled ears that are pointed towards their back and silky coats that are soft to the touch. Looking for a particular color? These sweet natured felines come in all known coat colors.

Another breed that originates from the USA, the Maine Coon is the official cat of Maine. It is one of the largest breeds of domestic cats and they can weigh more than 20 lbs and grow taller than 17 inches. Because of their size, they are natural born hunters. Like the American Curl, they come in every natural shade and are quite handsome with their ear tufts and ruff around their neck.


Sphynx Cat

Of course, if you're looking for a cat that's truly unique, you may want to go for either of these two offbeat, charming breeds. The Cornish Rex either has a curly or a fine down coat in most colors. Color point types include classic tabby, mackerel tabby, plain or ticked. Because this breed craves heat, they make excellent lap cats. On the same note, they are best kept indoors so that they always have access to warmth.

Known as the Canadian Hairless, the Sphynx is among the rarest cat breeds in the world. It is unique in appearance thanks to the absence of a regular coat of fur. Instead, it has a layer of vellus hair. That's not to say that being hairless makes it less charming. On the contrary, it is quite the eye-catcher. Aside for its sharp looks, there are certain advantages to having a Sphynx around. The lack of fur means that they easily get cold and are constantly in search of the perfect lap to nap on. Also, petting them is quite an experience as their skin has a texture akin to chamois leather. They also come in various colors such as plain, classic tabby, mackerel tabby and color point.