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11 Pets - Pet Care

11 Pets - Pet Care

Taking care of a pet is no easy task. Aside from providing food, shelter and love, fur parents will need to see to its daily needs, keep track of visits to the vet and keep a close watch over its health. Without verbal cues to use as a guide, this is certainly no easy task. Anyone who has had to watch over a sick pet, noting down changes in their routine and giving medication, knows how difficult it is to stay on top of things. Now, the best part about being a pet parent in the 21st century is that there are apps to do the remembering for you. One such example is the 11 pets: Pet Care app for Android devices.

This is much more than one of those cat caring games. Think of the app as a supercharged organizer. It's got everything covered, from reminding you when to administer medication to providing a peer-pet gallery to celebrate your pet's most precious moments. It keeps you updated with vaccination schedules, de-worming, even bath times with the use of notifications. It has the ability to store your pet's medical history, which gives you access to blood tests, lab results and x-rays anytime. With photos and notes, you can more easily spot symptoms and help your veterinarian keep apprised of your pet's routines. Of course, there's also a section to store your pet's age and metrics to save vital information such as its temperature and weight.

It doesn't matter if what you have a cat, a dog, a rabbit or bird. Even if you have them all, you can use the app to keep everything about them organized in one place. The only caveat here is that the effectivity of 11 Pets depends entirely on your enthusiasm to record every detail. After all, it's simply an organizer, not a system connected to your pet's hospital. For pet parents who have a hard time managing their days, this is the app to beat. It stores nearly every bit of information imaginable, from birthdays to veterinarians and it's available for free. The best part is that the developers are pretty hands-on so if you have ideas on how to make the app even more stellar than it already is, post a review on Google Play and chances are, the feature you're asking for will be available in the next update. Just like every mom or dad, every pet parent needs to make the most out their day and with this in your arsenal, you can simply focus on enjoying your time with your furry pals.

Kuddly - Pet Care 24/7


While being a pet parent is a rewarding experience, it can also be a nerve-wracking one at times, especially when your beloved pal gets sick. When a cute sneeze turns into a coughing fit, many turn to the internet in order to get their answers. If that's you, then you know how confusing it is to compare your pet's symptoms with those of others. Not only do you have to wade through pages of text at times, you also have to weigh which advice to take. After all, what worked for someone else's fur baby will not necessarily work wonders for yours, no matter how well-meant the help was. That being said, there is an alternative to combing every pet-related corner of the internet: Kuddly - Pet Care 24/7.

While it is not in any way a substitute for a visit to your vet, this app does make it easier to get some answers. No matter where you are, it allows you to connect and chat with a licensed veterinarian and ask him (or her) about your concerns. Whether it's a question about their everyday wellness or something that's changed in their behavior, the app offers personalized information at the click of a button. As this is an app that's available across the globe, veterinarians are available 24/7 and can be searched by language or price. You can communicate with them through email messages or, if you wish to talk about your pet's problem in real time, you can also make use of the app's live chat function. It's simple and certainly a worthy alternative to looking up answers online.

Like many of talking cat games, Kuddly is free to download for Android devices but, of course, vets set the price for consultations. No pet insurance is required to start using the app and your identity will remain completely anonymous. It's not just useful for pet parents but also veterinarians. Those who are looking to join the community for a bit of supplemental income can do so without paying for subscription fees. Complete your profile and you'll be well on your way to becoming a borderless vet, complete with professional liability insurance. While chatting on the app can never replace an actual vet visit, it is quite convenient and is absolutely perfect for addressing minor health-related matters and immediate concerns.